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“Missionary Films was born out of our passion to tell great stories that take part in the greatest story ever told!”

By crafting a video, you’ll be able to raise more funds, sell more widgets, and/or compel more people to join your cause.

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Michael C. Knowles, Young Life Africa

I think we made a great choice in partnering with him and I would certainly endorse him to others looking for this kind of professional help.


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Harnessing the Power of Video for your Ministry

John Ricards, Ministry to Christian Nationals

You are so fluent in the world of missions already, you bring that understanding to your final production, and I think that makes all the difference.


Brandon Heath, Dove Award Winning Musician

Your video was all over the place last night. At least everytime I was nominated it was! It was a fun night.


Harold Richert, Property Manager at Young Life’s Malibu Club

Unbelievable brought tears to my eyes that I get to work at this place. It will never get old.


T.C. Johnstone, Producer/Director

We were blow away. This guy has raised the bar on redemptive story telling and technical creativity.


W. Ashley Maddox Lead Filmmaker

“I am a passionate artist who creates to experience glimpses of the Greatest Creator in everything I do!”

Since 1999, W. Ashley Maddox has been making films. Combining his love of storytelling and his passion for Jesus, he started his filmmaking career at Milligan College producing films, commercials, and corporate documentaries. Using his years of experience as a freelance filmmaker for churches and other ministries, he found a love for sharing the stories of what God is doing in missions. As a result, in 2011 and he founded Missionary Films.

In more recent years,this U.S.-based independent filmmaker, and now author, has worked with major ministries around the world; helping hundreds of ministry professionals share their story.

At the top of his industry, you will find him blogging about the latest camera on Sony’s blog or other popular industry sites. He is also featured in Sony Professionals’ “XDCAM MAGAZINE,” using the latest tech on a shoot in Nicaragua. As an author now of the book “Harnessing the Power of Video For Your Ministry,” he loves helping ministries do video better.

His award winning credits include: “It’s A Girl” which was filmed in India, Ukraine, Russia, and is now on Netflix, and two short ministry films filmed in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia for Young Life Africa.

Now you can find him traveling the world helping ministries like Young Life International and Our Daily Bread share their story. At his heart, he is loves sharing great stories that take part in the greatest story ever told!

Phone: +1-520-400-6065
Email: Email me
Instagram+Twitter: @missionaryfilms

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Evan Davis, Director for -Its A Girl- Documentary

As always you take the art to new levels. Great job!